To Google Plus, or not to Google Plus

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Google Plus is useless.

That’s something you hear from a surprising number of social media pundits out there. They’ll tell you that the active users just aren’t there, especially compared to Facebook and Twitter. And while it’s true that the future of the Google+ platform isn’t entirely known, it seems short-sighted to dismiss it just yet.

When we work with our clients, the Concentrek Group social team explains that Google+ offers tremendous benefits in terms of SEO value. Business accounts work directly with Google Search, which helps your business rank higher on search results. In addition, information included on your page—location, contact information, business hours—can help bring customers in.

Not bad for something that’s supposed to be useless!

Incorporating Google+ into your social media strategy isn’t that difficult, either. By following the best practices of this platform, you can recycle the social content you’re creating for other platforms, plug it into Google+ and enjoy the SEO benefits.

Creating Images for your Brand’s Google+ Page

To reap the rewards of a Google Plus page, you first must have all of the necessary creative pieces for this social media network. Your Google Plus page should be designed as an extension of your brand, meaning that all images and logos must be the correct size. The appearance of your social presence should be as important as all other marketing efforts. 

Google+ Profile Picture

The Google+ profile picture appears on your Google Plus Page. While the image is uploaded as a square, it is adjusted to a circle. Be aware of this edit while uploading your image, ensuring the platform doesn’t cut off a portion of your logo.

Google Plus Profile Image Size:

  • Upload as 250 x 250px
  • Be aware of the edges of image as they are cut off to create the circle image

Google+ Cover Photo

The Google+ cover image appears at the top of your page and is the largest image that will represent your brand through the platform.

Google+ Cover Image Size:

  • Upload as 1,080 x 608px

Google+ Shared Image

A shared image is one that is posted with an update—shared with specific circles or to the public. The shared image will appear in the feed of your Page’s followers, as well as on your brand’s Google+ Page.

Google+ Shared Image Size:

  • Upload as 497 x 279px
  • Appears at a width of 426px (height is scaled)
  • Maximum upload is 2,048 x 2,048px

Google+ Shared Link Image

When sharing a link on Google+, a thumbnail image is generated to accompany the post. The shared link image is pulled directly from the website being shared. Unlike other social networks, you are unable to upload a custom image as the thumbnail.

Google+ Shared Linked Image Size:

  • The shared link image appears as 150 x 150px
  • The image is pulled directly from the website being shared

Setting Up a Google+ Business Account

To set up your Google+ account, you will first need a Gmail email account, or an account associated with Gmail. You can visit to view the five simple steps to create your Google+ Page. We recommend having the above images prepared before getting started—specifically the profile picture and cover photo. Creating a Page without these creative elements will make it seem incomplete, which does not reflect well on your brand.

Concentrek Group offers Google+ services, including the creation and management of your brand’s account. If you have questions regarding the design of images needed for the social network, or the management of the content, contact our office. 


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